I've always been an anxious person.

Not to blame anyone but I guess I inherited a lot of fear from my mom. Who got

it through abuse and a climate of constant threat.

Fear can completely paralyze you, keeping you down, dictate your thoughts,

drive you in isolation. but you can also weaponize it.

Make it a tool.

There is a lot of power in that and the drive behind it is breath taking.

Its a gift.  

I think the only reason why people act like its a negative thing is because they


either fail to understand  & never felt anything like it or adapted that

sheepish mentality that's supposed to keep you down. You know, the kind of

people that pull out the ticket before the conductor even asked them for it, the

kind of people that open their door when the police comes knocking. They dont

know it better. Free them, share your beautiful gift with the world. Help them

cute through the fog of lies with the pure and wonderful gift of rage.

Hate is nothing but weaponized fear, dont use it against your self, use it to

destroy the structures that alienate you, that take away your humanity and

replace it with shopping goods. Dont get blinded by it. Use it to fight the people

that think they own the ground you are walking on. Steal what never belonged to

them in the first place, set their monuments on fire, nothing is forever. The thing

they dont understand & therefore fear is that reality is fragile and always

shifting. Be a drifter, adapt, never stagnate for stagnation equals death.