Usually I would avoid feel-good content, it just feels fake and deceptive. But

recently I had this once in a year moment when I wanted something wholesome,

something good, something warm to hold on to. So I stumbled upon this

documentary about people "squatting" with their boats in the bay area next to San

Francisco & this resonated with me since i am a former trailer park punk and

always dreamed about living in a boat.

But what enfolded wasn't at all what I expected, they basically all got evicted

because the DIY repaired boats where ruining the see-views of some millionaires

who owned houses there. The moment when they showed how the boats got

shredded by an excavator was one of the saddest           and emotionally cruelest

things I have seen in my life.   Some people went               away for a few days to

work or visit family and where homeless when they         returned.

To destroy something that pure and elegant like

sailing boat is not human. Sailing boats do no

harm, they are about connecting
                                                         people, about

freedom and exchange. Someone who abandones

all hu
         manity is a brutal mindless machine & needs

to be
          stopped  by all means necessary.

There is no gray zone
                                      and no bigger picture

this is plain evil. If you ever questioned the

necessity of
                      eating the rich, there you go.

It broke my heart to see how they put the boat

people in a slum directly adjacent to the junk yard

where they destroyed their
                                               former homes.

Its pretty much the same that is happening everywhere, like the

trailer park that the cops destroyed last winter in the rummelsburger

bucht in
               Berlin, or the arson on house boats in the bay there, because some

                 complained about the ruined view. Storys like this make me so mad I

cant even
                  speak anymore, just punch and scream.

I think this will haunt me for a while.