Modern city's are home to more animal species than almost every other habitat. I dont understand     

 the fuzz about people abandoning villages. So what? They have their reasons. Instead of pumping

in dying villages, trying to prevent the inevitable. Maybe we should  try to systematically empty out

the mostly abandoned areas or at least let them die out by time & concentrate living in urban

landscapes.Just to make this clear, i'm not talking evicting anyone. Its gonna happen either way,

 better it happens in an  coordinated collective effort with everybodys best interest in mind.

It just seems way more efficient, especially in times of climate change when less & less of earth becomes


inhabitable. Its not like villages are neccessary, even for large skale modern (organic) farming.We could

rebuild a lot of inefficient infrastructures, in the now abandoned areas. Like roads, power lines or water pipes.

What a beautiful mess we created, all this structures and overlapping, contradicting concepts

that form a city.  Culture, anonymity, more people then you will ever be able to get to know,  a 

never ending stream of new impulses       fusing to new ideas. All this parallel existing cultures

and ways of live.

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