HopePunk was a 2021 created comic drawn by 17 artists.

Everyone did one page. The story was also developed as

an collective effort. It was first introduced to the world

as comic treasure-hunt through berlin, where people

needed to follow hints to find the next location, each one

displaying one page of the comic project as giant poster.

It was mostly locations with a background in comic and or

counter culture. Those who managed to find all pages got

a free copy of the zine at the comic invasion berlin 2021.

There was also a follow up exhibition in an formal squat /

House-project with cafe.If you are lucky you might

still find a copy at the Comic invasion festival

or the Renate Comic library berlin.

 Might be reprinted at some point. (?)

Check out

the Renate


Alternative covers for

the hopePunk Zine.

Whats "SolarPunk"

tho?   >>---->



What does "Hope Punk" mean?

It's the utopian answer to the grim CyberPunk fictions,

the characters of this genre fight for positive change in their

communitys. Its not so much about solving problems with

brute force in a dog eats dog society, its about solidarity and

joining the fight together. It's the anger of Punk but without

the whole dessilusioned "no Future" attitude.

 Dont get me wrong, its not all sunshine an lollipops, its still

 about the radical fight against a broken system.

 -There is a lot overlapping with  Solarpunk.