Solarpunk is basically the ScienceFiction version of this whole counter (culture)

movement of Squatted houses, living on Boats, Tiny Houses, Trailer parks, People

living in their Van by choice, Communes, organic farming,  veganism,  DIY

(do it yourself) & grassroot revolution. Its about sustainability, utopian anarchist //

communist ideas, spiced up with fantasy elements. Inspired by pulp Science Fiction,

the Punk & Hippie Movements and Climate Change. It's in its core against

consumerism, fast fashion and capitalist world vierws.

While Cyber Punk is about the outsiders of a Cyber-Society & SteamPunk is about

the misfits of a steam driven society. Mostly relating to the social issues of the early

industrial revolution. SolarPunk is about a often decentralized world, powered by

green energy & the struggles of self organized living.